28 Day Public Notice – Making Safe of Leaning Headstones Crowle Cemetery

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28 Day Public Notice—Crowle Cemetery Leaning Gravestones

The following headstones are leaning and are a danger to the public. This is a 28 day Public Notice to request any relatives of the listed deceased to come forward to give permission to have the headstones made safe. Please refer to www.findagrave.com and enter the memorial ID to view a picture of the headstone.

John Middleton, Died 1865, Aged 69 ID 116021980
Francis Brunyee Pidd , Died 15 Jun 1863, Aged 34 ID 116021832
John Isle, Died 28 Jan 1872, Aged 53 ID 116022742
Sarah Ann Cundall, Died May 1866, Aged 25 ID 116069102
Thomas Staniforth, Died 2 May 1869, Aged 9 weeks ID 116069834

Please contact the Clerk on the details listed below.
Town Clerk 01724 710020 Email: clerk@crowleandealandcouncil.org

DATE: 14 August 2018 SIGNATURE: D Middleton POSITION: Mayor

Swinefleet Biomass Recycle Plant – Update

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Please keep an eye on the Council & In Crowle Community facebook pages, the Council website and community noticeboards for any updates regarding the Swinefleet Biomass Recycle Plant meetings/information.


From: Becky Wheeler, Director, Head of Consultancy

4R Group Public Exhibition regarding proposals for the Former Peat Works, Swinefleet

Swinefleet Village Hall Monday 1st October 2.00pm till 8.00pm

4R Group invite all of the local community from Swinefleet and neighbouring villages to come and see our plans and proposals for the former peat works site. There will be a team of people from 4R there to talk to everyone – people can put forward their views to us and we will spend as much time with visitors to the exhibition as they wish to answer any questions they may have and also address any concerns they have around our proposed activities. That way, we can take note of everyone’s main worries, giving everyone an opportunity to speak to us – which is difficult in a large group situation, especially for residents who may not be comfortable speaking out in front of a large group of people.
The exhibition will be held ahead of the submission of the planning application so we can reflect on what we learn from the exhibition and consider the key issues properly. In addition to this, there will be the formal consultation process via the local planning authority where residents and neighbouring local people can have their say.

Getting the Post Office Ltd back in Crowle! – update 15th August 2018

Clerk Gallery

As a council organisation we have been trying desperately to facilitate the post office within the village, offering numerous accommodation, even suggesting they set up within the market hall, but all to no avail. Post Office is private limited company and has no obligation to reside within Crowle. We remain to converse with Post Office Ltd and hope that we will eventually succeed in getting them back in Crowle. Our community and its residents best interests are paramount to this council and your concerns are always welcome and considered.

We will keep you up to date with any information we receive.

Update: 15 August 2018. A petition is located within the foyer of the Market Hall for signature by all concerned residents. Please pop in and sign to show support in relocating a Post Office facility back in Crowle!