28 Day Public Notice – Making Safe of Leaning Headstones Crowle Cemetery

Clerk Gallery

28 Day Public Notice—Crowle Cemetery Leaning Gravestones

The following headstones are leaning and are a danger to the public. This is a 28 day Public Notice to request any relatives of the listed deceased to come forward to give permission to have the headstones made safe. Please refer to www.findagrave.com and enter the memorial ID to view a picture of the headstone.

John Middleton, Died 1865, Aged 69 ID 116021980
Francis Brunyee Pidd , Died 15 Jun 1863, Aged 34 ID 116021832
John Isle, Died 28 Jan 1872, Aged 53 ID 116022742
Sarah Ann Cundall, Died May 1866, Aged 25 ID 116069102
Thomas Staniforth, Died 2 May 1869, Aged 9 weeks ID 116069834

Please contact the Clerk on the details listed below.
Town Clerk 01724 710020 Email: clerk@crowleandealandcouncil.org

DATE: 14 August 2018 SIGNATURE: D Middleton POSITION: Mayor